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The multi-capable Salmo Zipper offers extreme flexibility in a single lipless crankbait. Whether fished with a traditional cast and retrieve, or used as a vertical jig under the ice, the Salmo Zipper utilizes an exceptionally effective design to throw out serious vibration, and a massive rattle chamber to draw in its prize. The Zipper can be used in rivers against a current or in slack waters with an aggressive retrieve. It’s at home in all types of water and water conditions, and is ideal for situations when the bite is tough. And because it’s made by Salmo, the true artisan quality is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. No lure manufacturer gives you more piece of mind. Insist on Salmo!

• In the Salmo line-up since 2005
• Lure type: vertical lure / crankbait
• One size: 4cm
• Sinking (SI)
• Available in a natural (Holographic Feature Technology) or modernistic colour patterns (Fluorescent, Metallic, Luminescent)
• Internal rattle system
• 3D eyes
• High-Impact Plastic (HIP) construction
• Ultrasonic Body Welding (UBW)
• Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
• Black Nickel VMC hooks
• Rasco split rings (made in USA)
• Proudly made in Poland

Product Options Weight Diving Depth
QSZ001 Hot Perch 4cm Sinking 9,5g 3/8oz VARIABLE
QSZ002 Gold Yellow Perch 4cm Sinking 9,5g 3/8oz VARIABLE
QSZ003 Silver Red Orange 4cm Sinking 9,5g 3/8oz VARIABLE
QSZ004 Silver Black Red 4cm Sinking 9,5g 3/8oz VARIABLE
QSZ005 Gold Red Perch 4cm Sinking 9,5g 3/8oz VARIABLE